Skull Incense Holder


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  • A tired old fellow rest his weary bones, watching as the smoke from your favorite incense sweetens the air above.
  • This skeleton incense burner does not include incense
  • Even the dead sometimes like to lean back and enjoy the finer things in life! And that has never been truer than with these skeleton incense burners! Ironically enough, incense is sometimes used to pay homage to the dead, and that makes these intriguing accents clever little decorations for any bone enthusiast to enjoy!
  • These skeleton home accents come in a variety of shapes and forms, ranging from more unique styled incense burners to classic boat style incense burners infused with skeletal style.
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Our boat style incense burners all share a similar form – long, with an ash catcher as most of their length – but also feature a variety of appearances, ranging from lazy grim reapers to relaxed skeletons out of their grave, to extended skeleton hands, to piles of skulls and more.

We also have a few more unique incense burner styles, including cone and pillar style incense burners that depict skulls, which, when used, will cause smoke to pour from the cracks and crevices in the design, creating a truly eerie yet appealing experience!

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