Silver Screens for Smoke Pipes and Bongs


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  •  Filters for your smoking tool for dry herb.
  • Prevent hot dry herb from rising up your pipe shaft and your mouth.
  • Can be used on all smoke tools,e.g. water bongs ,hookah shisha ,smoke pipes
  • Helps to decrease residue buildup.
  • Ensures safe smoking practice.

These Silver Screens are used as filters in your smoking tools for dry herbs to filter harmful substances and also to prevent hot embers and loose herb from going down your pipe shaft and into your mouth. In bongs, it prevents
your loose herb from going into the water. Wet herb going up your pipes, shisha hookahs, water bongs can ruin it.These screens are perfect for your glass or acrylic water bongs, hookah shisha ,smoke pipes, bubblers e.t.c .Pipe screens help prevent filler and hot embers from getting into your mouth and are also used to decrease residue buildup. Pipe screens also have a variety of household, office, and garage applications. Buy multiple packs and have them ready everywhere, or pass some off to your friends who’ll be sure to love them!

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