Sex Dice-Glow in the Dark


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  •         Sex game dice
  •         Perfect for 420games,private parties,etc
  •         For couple sex play
  •         Spice up your sex life
  •         Getexperimental with lovemaking

This dice is meant for couple sex play .It is used for sex plays between couples to spice up their sex life and to get more experimental with love making.

What’s sexy
about dice, you ask? You can play the dice game! Assign a body part to each
number, 1-6 (lips, neck, ears, breasts, etc. etc. Get as racy as you want).
Then assign an action to each number, 1-6 (lick, suck, stroke, etc.). Then roll
the dice, and do what it says!

You can also
add another dice for the number of minutes (or the number of 30-second
intervals, whatever you’d prefer).

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