RAW Crystal Glass Ashtray


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  •  The RAW Crystal Glass Ashtray rests big, like a regal jewel, especially in its black box.
  • This mammoth piece of crystal weighs 3.5 lbs because the vintage Versace version that inspired it weighs 3.3 lbs, and RAW wouldn’t be outdone!
  • The bottom of this beauty is incredibly thick, with the RAW logo etched deep.
  • There are four fat, slotted sides, perfectly blunt sized, on this exceptional seven-sided ashtray.
  • Its clear crystal shows straight through at all angles, accenting lines with light like a jeweler’s prize.
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RAW Crystal Glass Ashtray: RAW doesn’t need an introduction, it’s name is enough. RAW is a game player in the smoking industry by capturing a huge market of rolling papers, crushers, filter tips, cigarette holders and etc etc etc.

The huge variety in smoking essentials and other crazy goodies keeps on growing. RAW recently came up with a classic ashtray that was used by smokers in 1950’s in a little modified way. The RAW Crystal Ashtray will be your new favourite for every smoke.

The RAW Crystal Ashtray his made up of thick heavy glass that might resist a bullet shot(please do not try it though :P). The ashtray is a resemblance from 1950’s ashtray that was made up of lead, but who would want to touch lead now.

It is an antique piece that will never be out done by any ashtray. May only the finest unrefined natural ash rest in this beautiful piece of art! NO SCHWAG PLEASE!

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