Rasta Love Smoke Odor Eliminator Candle-70hrs Burn Time


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·       Completely eliminates strong smoke odors

·       Even your neighbors won’t know you are smoking

·       Lingering fragrance

·       70 hours Burn Time

·       100% Soy Candle

·       100% Non-Toxic, Clean, and Safe

·       Made in America

·       Perfect Gift for any Candle or Weed Lover

·       Can also be used for eliminating pet and food odors.

This candle is specially formulated to completely eradicate strong odor so that nobody will perceive the
smoke odor. It can only be used indoors. It lasts up to 70 hours, just light a minutes before you light up your smoke, leave it on while you are smoking and put off after 2 minutes after smoking. The candle melts in the jar while in use and solidifies back in the jar when not in use so the candle never really wastes and you can use it for months on end. Made from all natural odor killing ingredients to kill the strong odor of tobacco, cigarette and other legal herbs. The Candle is made from Ultra-Premium Soy blended wax inside a glass mason style jar with handle and metallic lid. The jar can be used later for storage. The Candle has a lingering fragrance and can be used to brighten your homes, offices and other spaces. This Candle can be used to rid your spaces of
nasty food odors, pet odors, smoke odors, e.t.c This Candle has a Lead-free Wick and as such makes it non-toxic for humans.





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