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  • OGK Flavor.
  • Newest innovation in blunts for dry herbs.
  • XXL Size.
  • Wraps are packaged 2 per pack in a resealable foil
    pouch for the freshest wrap possible
  • Strong flavor hence can be used to smoke in public places
  • They look and taste amazing.
  • They feel like velvet.
  • They smoke nice and slow, and if you want them to smoke
    really slow you can just double wrap them.
  • Insanely easy to use, the flavor is really pungent.
  • If you need a fatter smoke you can lick and stick end
    to end and get up to 2x the length.

 This OGK flavor is the newest innovation in blunts for dry herbs, it is
extra large and comes in the same great tastes you’ve come to love in a new and
better style. These wraps are packaged 2 per pack in a resealable foil pouch
for the freshest wrap possible. They look and taste amazing. These
Roscoes-inspired flavor savors combine the sweet and the savory taking the
meaning of “wake ‘n’ bake” to a whole new level.

A little syrup, a little
sativa, and a little poultry.The flavor is really pungent,hence makes it
easy to use to cover up the smell of smoke so you can use it to smoke in public

The slight moistness of
the wrap also allows for nice full – almost vapor – smoke clouds. 

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