Leaf Print Acrylic Percolator Bong


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Percolator Bong

Gives clean and smooth

Has an chamber for
extra filtration.

Unique design.


Color randomly chosen.

Price quoted is for one piece.


As far as smoke enrichment is concerned, a percolator
bong is what you need. While a normal bong basically creates lungs full of
cough inducing ash, the percolator bong features two levels of water using
pressure to deliver a smooth and creamy hit. One could say a normal bong does
this too, except that it doesn’t have an additional sub chamber within the
shaft needed to provide smoke-water interaction through heat exchange and

 According to the scientists, a percolator bong
will filter carcinogens while thickening smoke. Generally, the bong directs
smoke underneath the water between two outlets on the top and bottom of the
‘percolator’. Reduced pressure forces smoke through the water via air bubbles,
which rise up the tube and into lungs. This is called the diffusion process,
which makes smoke cooler and rise evenly because each bubble reaches the
surface simultaneously. Filtration and thickening always happens twice, and
that’s what makes it a percolator.

 This 18-20 inches tall acrylic water bong is
break and crack proof so you don’t need to worry about being extra careful.

 Acrylic water bongs have been described as the
healthiest and safest method of smoking the herb.

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