Lativa Dry Herb Vaporizer


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  • Used for smoking dry herbs only.
  • Can be used to smoke herb in public places as the vaporizer takes off 90% of the smoke and odor even while you are smoking.
  • Smart Digital Dry Herb Vaporizer – With 80 temperature settings, 175°C to 230°C . Track temperature changes on the Advanced OLED screen, alter temperature using +/- buttons.
  •  Medical Grade ceramic chamber – The advanced chamber ensures that herbs are heated evenly to enable full flavour.
  •  Powerfull 2200mAh battery – with fast heating, just 20 seconds to heat up to 230°C and 100 minute usage time.
  •  Easy to use – Just power up and the vaporizer’s blue light will begin to flash, a solid light indicates device is ready to use.
  • CE & ROHS certificated – Free from combustion and burning by using the advanced aromatherapy baking technology. This device DOES NOT contain Tobacco or Nicotine.
  • Clor is randomly selected.
  • HOW TO USE:1. Using Turning on/off: Press the Power button 5 times rapidly within 3 seconds to turn on the device. A flashing blue light will appear indicating that your device is heating up, when the light turns solid, (And Heat on LED changes to Warm) you are ready to operate. Press the button 5 times again to turn device off. 2. Lock/Unlock: Press power button 5 times consecutively. 3. Baking state: While Lativa herb vaporizer is baking, the temperature is increasing and working situation is “heat”, which are displayed on the screen. Meanwhile, power button’s light is flashing When your desired temperature is set, the temperature stops increasing, “heat” changes to “warm”, and power button’s light stops flashing. 4. Heating Up Time : Within 20 Seconds. 5. Safety power duration: After 5 minutes the device will automatically shut off. Simply press the button 5 times in sequence to re-activate the heating element. 6. Safeguard: Dual PCB/IC protection.


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