RAW Double Barrel Joint Holder


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  • Holds two rollups at the same time.
  • Holder for holding your rollups
  • Drags evenly from both rollups.
  • Prevents burning of the lips while smoking.
  • You get to smoke every bit of your tobacco without burning your lips/hands
  • Made from durable steel

This RAW Double Barrel Joint Holder is designed to hold two sticks at a time..All you have to do is put the sticks in the holes in between the Y shaped sign. Its primary purpose is to smoke stylishly without burning your lips and hands.

It is so amazing that while your cigarette is neatly fitted into either of the holes or BOTH holes you get to drag the cigarette from the tip of the snorter. isn’t that cool or what?

The new stainless steel Double Tube Cigarette/Tobacco holder is Y shaped with double-ends .It is designed with a nasal Snuff Sniffer Straw tube attached for fitting in your cigarette or rolled tobacco as the case maybe.

The Stainless steel Holder has a two hose double barrel snuff sniffer bullet and extremely high in quality.

Now, the unique thing about this holder is that, you can have a cocktail of smoke , that’s right two of your favorite herbs and smoke right in with one drag. get this? two herbs… one long satisfying drag.


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