Buzz Aroma Room Odourizer


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  • Room odourizer

  • Lightens the mood

  • Pleasant scent

  • Relaxed sensation

  • Helps counter any unpleasant smells 

Looking for a room aroma that will create a stir and help contribute to a fun-filled atmosphere? Stop looking because Buzz Aroma is the ideal solution to the problem. After setting this room odorizer in a corner of the room, the aroma will waft throughout the space and create a slight buzzed feeling. Buzz Aroma are designed to create a heady feeling that lightens the mood of any party, bar or other location when set in an unused corner. The smell will result in the temptation to let the mind float away and enjoy the time with
friends, family or the other patrons of the bar.
With Buzz Aroma, the relaxed sensation that will fill the mind and body makes it easier to enjoy a conversation, get used to the environment and simply let go so that it is possible to make the most of a party or bar. Along with the impact of the buzzed sensation, this room aroma will create a pleasant smell that encourages conversation and makes the atmosphere pleasant. It helps counter any unpleasant smells from spilled drinks at a bar or party so that anyone enjoying the environment will also enjoy the pleasant smell that wafts through the room.The double impact of a pleasant scent along with the  slightly buzzed sensation that makes the mind float away like a bee is only possible with the right popper for the
room. The sense of smell is an important part of any environment and with the right scent along with the impact of feeling a little buzzed it is possible to make the most of a party with friends.









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