King Palm Leaf Pre-Rolled Cone-NO Tobacco,NO Preservative.

King Palm Leaf Pre-Rolled Cone-NO Tobacco,NO Preservative.

·         Get 21 SLIM Leaves + 1 Wooden Packing Stick + A Carrying Tube + 72% Boveda Humidity Packet

·         Burns Super Slow and Even.

·         Cleaner draw and a Smoother Exhale.

·         Brings out the flavor of the herbs you are pairing the leaf with.

·         21 Leaves Packaged into a Clear Bag

·         Remove Inserted Paper Tube Before Filling.

·         Do not smoke pass the black band.

·         Pack VERY tightly to achieve the Perfect Smoke!


King palm is a leaf that was taken from a tree, hand rolled into an empty tube, packaged, and sold as an empty, preservative free, pre-rolled leaf. Just remove the inserted paper tube before filling your herbal products with our provided wooden packing stick. The time-saving convenience of the pre-built, 24mm corn husk crutch will allow you to take bigger pulls when desired, some have even noted the crutches ability to cool the smoke down, allowing for a cleaner draw and a smoother exhale. The leaf itself smokes beautifully, its slow burning characteristic allows you to sit and relax while not worrying about your herbs quickly getting burned away. We challenge any other smoking wrap, leaf, or paper to burn slower than our leaf. The taste of a King Palm natural leaf is minimal, more importantly; it brings out the flavor of the high quality herbs you are pairing our leaf with. Pack top-shelf flavors to really enjoy a King palm blunt. No preservatives or chemicals, ever. Eliminates the inconvenience of using the “lick and stick” method, who wants nasty glue and flavored chemicals on their tongue anyway? And what about smoking bits of someone else’s saliva and glue, forget about it

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